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5 Online Games that will Get You into Cryptocurrency

Posted in Crypto, and Online Games

Did you know it is possible to dabble in cryptocurrencies by playing online games? Gaming is actually a rather entertaining way of getting involved in cryptocurrencies. The truth is that the gaming industry had been plagued with security and payment issues for many years, but the blockchain technology turned out to be a savior. Crypto coins and their underlying technology, the blockchain, are the perfect solutions to problems concerning payments and security, while offering players a satisfying gaming experience at the same time.

Top 5 online games that introduce you to cryptocurrencies:

  1. Spells of Genesis of SOG is a magic card online game that can be seamlessly played on your mobile phones. You get to store the cards on a blockchain for “true ownership” held as the most important thing in the crypto space. The cards are used in battles, having elements like speed, health, and spells. You must have Bitcoins to start using the cards and you are free to trade these inside or outside the app through Book of Orbs. This game is preferred as it offers transparency; all valuable SoG cards can be seen by everyone in the game, even those the owners’ identities are hidden. You can download Bitcoin revolution if you want to trade Bitcoin autonomously instead of gaming platform.
  2. Cryptokitties is a popular blockchain game that introduces you to the world of smart contracts. It was launched by Axiom Zen in 2017 and lets you breed and collect cats. Each cat value is non-fungible or unique and this can be traded against real money on Ethereum blockchain. There are almost 4 billion cats and some are rare; each cat has a unique appearance. Cryptokitties is founded on ERC-721 Ethereum token and these are unique tokens using Ethereum’s blockchain. Every payment or auction is made using Ethereum; so, you must start off with some in your pocket. The game allows you to get experience using blockchain tools and know how Ethereum tokens work.
  3. Worldopoly is an augmented-reality game using the blockchain. It combines factors like AR, MMORPG, game play, geo-positioning, word-building, DAG, and blockchain assets to offer an immersive game-playing experience. It is somewhat like a Monopoly board that one can see through his phone cam. So, you can purchase buildings and streets to build your hotels and then sell parts of these for real money, including leasing out to advertisers. Worldopoly uses both Byteball and Ethereum platforms. The first is included because it has some additional benefits compared to Ethereum in transactions. Ethereum is known to have slower transaction times and high costs. But Byteball uses DAG technology and has relaxed rules of transaction.
  4. Beyond the Void is a free-to-play multiplayer game, an online battle arena which uses a token called Nexium. Whatever in-game spaceships you purchase will be recorded on the blockchain. This works as a marketplace for gaming items and is transparent and safe. The Nexium is Ethereum ERC20 token and you must have an Ethereum wallet to start off. Developers have launched an online store for you to buy new assets and trade these with others.

Privateers Life is a game that gets you up close with real world money. It is a platform where goods must be harvested; they will not just appear. So, you can be involved in producing goods and sell these in exchange for crypto tokens. You can buy items using Ludem tokens which are the game’s currency; you may buy from the store or from others. All goods however must be made by players by collecting ingredients to manufacture these. Developers can take a cut of the sales and charge taxes on items.